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Laulima Farm has a yearlong apprenticeship program.  People interested in learning organic agricultural practices, living off the grid and making food from the land can participate.  We ask that interested individuals have an open heart and willingness to learn. Laulima has been offering apprenticeships since we began.  Apprentices live and work on the farm, experiencing many facets of life and work on a diverse organic operation. Everyone participates on the farm Monday-Wednesday.  We work 8am-4: 30pm, with an hour-long lunch break where we share a beautifully prepared organic meal off of the land.  Our workdays may involve harvesting,

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weeding, and planting!

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The rhythm of the farm varies with the seasons, yes even in Hawaii we have seasons! For example, in the late summer and fall we are full on harvesting coffee, our main crop.  And this includes, hand picking berries and fermenting and drying.  We do it all here on the farm!  In the spring we are planting our fruit trees. We ask that apprentices make at least a one-year commitment to our farm. Only by seeing the changes of the seasons and the different rhythms and smells and experiences that each new season brings, will an intern get a sense of what farming is about. We are looking for people who are sincere about agriculture and organic food.   The focus of Laulima is to learn about tropical agriculture and living off the grid.  We work together to create the success of this farm, this means all participants on the farm must be hard-working, self-motivated individuals.

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There are beautiful living spaces at the farm, a washroom with two showers, a laundry room, sauna and a commercial style community kitchen, so it is important for prospective interns to be comfortable sharing their living spaces with other people. Apprentices are hired on a first come, first serve basis, with start times spread throughout the year. It is important for interns to commit for an entire year. Due to the extensive training and energy we give to our interns, short-term internships are not currently available. Some interns choose to stay on for longer than a year. If you are interested in a Laulima Farm apprenticeship, send us an inquiry or show up at our farm any Monday morning by 8am to volunteer!  It’s best if you can visit us at the farm, meet with Josh, the manager, and talk to current residents to make sure that the experience will suit you.   Once you have come to the farm we do a try out week, and check in after you have completed your week to see if everything is working out. We enjoy the experience of opening up our homes and work life to people who want to learn about sustainable agriculture and contribute to our community. We always appreciate a new set of hands, a fresh perspective, and the good times and fun that our interns bring!