Laulima Farm is a 13-acre family farm in the Kipahulu Valley on Maui.  Surrounded by lush green mountainsides Laulima Farm was started in 1996.  Laulima has been farmed using organic practices since the beginning and is continually evolving to include more sustainable and ecologically sound practices on the land. The land is owned by Matthew & Terces Engelhart and their nephew Joshua Stearn.  The Engelharts also are the creators of Be Love Farm and the inspiring Cafe Gratitude restaurants in California.  From this amazing fusion the farm is stoked!!

Our farm crew is lead by Josh Stearn, our amazing farm manager.  Josh continues to create and envision the world in a beautiful and ecologically sound way year after year.  Furniture making, along with farming, is one of Josh’s passions as well.  He uses local hardwoods and recycled materials to innovate organic designs that are both functional and beautiful.

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Josh’s partner, Beth has dedicated herself to farm living and plays an influential part in shaping Laulima today.  Together, they create a world filled with beauty, food and abundance!!

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Our crew is always changing, with friends visiting, and volunteers showing up on Mondays, we have a menagerie of skills and interests.

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We have a large orchard with hundreds of varieties of tropical fruits like coffee, cacao (chocolate), avocado, papaya, banana and citrus.  We also have tropical field crops like pineapple, ginger, turmeric & popcorn to name a few.  All harvesting and processing is done by hand.   This ensures high quality from the beginning to the end.  We are committed to honoring food as the sacred thing that it is and taking care of the land as best we know how.